Contact your insurance provider to get a full list of available benefits under your policy. Most insurance policies have a travel/lodging reimbursement rider up to $10,000 depending on your plan. Currently, this is available under private insurance only. This will particularly come in handy if your care is out of state. It will also be advantageous to enroll in a critical care insurance plan such as Met Life, if offered through your employer. If you have to stop working due to illness or care of a loved one and worried about continuation of coverage, you are allowed to enroll in COBRA to receive continuing coverage for 18 months after leaving a job. However, this coverage would be at an out of pocket expense.

Disability Insurance

As soon as you know you are unable to work due to a recent diagnosis or disability apply for social security benefits. This is a time consuming process, so the sooner you apply and get records submitted, the more likely you are to get a decision on your application. In some cases, your initial request will be denied. This is due to lack of information or receiving an incomplete application. Don’t fret, go through the appeal process. This can help you and your family in the long run.